FIXR The Move

The Concept:

An ambitious 'One Man Movie Project' with all design skills pulling together to create a completed movie.  James will create the environments, characters, textures and music, write the story, direct and edit the movie.


The Story:

FIXR (Flexible, Independent, Xenomorphic Repair) is a maintenance bot stationed in one of Xenocorp's automated repair shops. Travelers visit to upgrade and repair a myriad of vehicles every day. FIXR, along with a number of other bots including his friend LIFTR (Loader, Integrated, Flexible, Targeted, Repair) work hard but do so under the rule of a grumpy command bot called B055.


FIXR is a little different to the regular repair bots, and has become eccentric over the years, he chooses to live with LIFTR in their own purposes built pod made from scrap and old ship parts just outside of the repair shop.


One day LIFTR becomes damaged and B055 takes him away, thinking he was being repaired FIXR thought nothing of it until the following day a replacement bot shows up. FIXR goes in search of his friend and uncovers a horrible truth.

The Music:


James is in the process of composing an entire score for FIXR, you can hear some of the tracks here:

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